Nice Upgrade!
  • The new website looks great. It's very clean. But where did all the previous content go? A lot of the great add-ons are either gone or you are charging $5 for what was free before. That should stop a lot of people from coming back.
  • One of the reasons behind the NEW site is to include NEW add-ons and get rid of some of the old ones which were either outdated or have been re-worked by the original vendors, to be of better design and may not have yet been added back to the add-on website.

    Some of the add-ons which have a small purchase charge, may have had to have been brought to start with and the charge implemented to cover both the original cost and the work involved for the development and implementation of documentation into Webplus.

    Both the add-on website and this support forum are not relying on the amount of users visiting and it will be soley down to the user themselves, whether or not they use and/or return.

    I hope this clarifies the points made in your post nohinjon ;-)

  • This revised Serif Addons site is just plain great!  Very easy to navigate and read.

    Thanks for all the work that goes into providing this support to WebPlus users.
  • All down to Neil Marilyn but thanks for your comments ;-)
  • Hi nohinjon thanks for the compliments regarding the new site design :)

    It really had got to a stage where Serif Addons was at the point of dying off. I'm not sure if you realise but the last Addon uploaded to the site was over a year ago! Because I'm very busy with other work the incentive to put in time making new addons had gone and as everything on the site was offered for free, including the support, it became something I wasn't keen on maintaining.

    I know charging for them isn't going to be seen as fair to some people but I need to make a living to support myself and my family so charging a few bucks here and there for premium addons seemed the right way to go to me as it will in turn pay for my time... and with that, the incentive to maintain the site is now back.

    This also benefits the end users, as now they will be receiving a far better product and even better support. Serif have also made it easier and now with Assets as there's no need for a tutorial to accompany the Addon as the scripts and files get installed with the few clicks.

    Some of the old addons such as PrettyPhoto and Unique scrollbar will be added again in the very near future, but some of the others had actually become defunct since X6 comes with similar features built in.

    Hope that helps in explaining why I decided to start charging this time around.

  • @mjh Thanks! :) I tried to make the text easy for reading and viewing on mobile devices... It's my attempt at a responsive site with WebPlus - BIG text ;)
  • Point taken and I agree. There were some addons that seemed too outdated and under-rated compared to the built in features of X6. I have been experimenting with a lot of new and innovative snippets using PHP, CSS and HTML5 and using them in X6. As soon as I set the time aside to put them together with the documentation, I'd like to share them. A lot of these ideas come from where all the source is available free. 
  • Quite right, they do a lot of very nice stuff at Codrops :)
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