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  • I've created a new website with the Jammin template. I tried to eliminate the the required "phone" box (by erasing the code lines) and tried to change the addition numbers and total. But it didn't seem to work.

    When I published the site to my host provider and did a test, I first got an error that I needed to fill in the phone number, but there was no box for that. When I replaced tha code, I got the box. But this time the numbers I replaced in the code didn't work, and I got another error. I put them back the way they were, and the teat was fine.

    What happened? And how do I get rid of the phone number requirement and have different numbers?
  • Hi,

    You are posting in the addon support forum for a template query which should be posted over at the serif template support forum - http://seriftemplates.com/forum

    We can only support addon issues here, hope this helps ;-)

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