privacy policy problem
  • I have downloaded and installed the cookie policy add-on and the banner comes up on my web page in preview. Pressing the accept button clears the banner. However, when the privacy policy button is pressed, nothing happens. Do I need to do anything else? Also, is it possible to add my own policy. I should add that my knowledge of html is limited.
  • Hi Brian,

    Check the code for the add on by pressing ALT+S to get to a source view, you need to create your own policy page (something.html) and add the hyperlink to the newly created policy page via the code, if I remember correctly (not at my PC at the moment) there should be help text at the right hand side of the code telling you what it does, plus a help pdf document for the add on with the download, there is nothing there by default so users need to create their own.

    Hope this helps.
  • Thanks Mick. That is very helpful. There is no detailed help for this in the pdf.
    I thought I had now been able to alter the html but I get an error code Not Found [CFN #0005].
    This is the html code as altered

    Can you suggest anything I may be doing wrong?
  • You need to make sure that the page of privacy.html has been uploaded to the server as I get a 404 error here and your button to policy won't work if the page doesn't exist.

    If you are testing this locally via a browser preview, then you need to remove the website URL from your code and just use privacy.html because the full code you are using is expecting to see the page located on the server itself
  • Thanks Mick. Works perfectly. You are a star!
  • My pleasure Brian, thanks for the confirmation ;)

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