creating more than one image zoom
  • Hello,

    I recently purchased the image zoom and have added the images and got it working OK on my website , but I am not sure how to make more than one, I tried adding another image zoom file calling it image zoom 2 below the other on the file manager but it only takes the images from the first.
    Please can you advise me thank you

    Kind regards
  • Hi Charis,

    Have you updated the code to reflect the new images you're using for the second gallery? If you don't do that it will take the images from the first gallery.

  • Hello Neil

    Thank you for your reply,

    I am not sure what I need to change on the code for a second gallery, please can you advise me

  • Hi Charis,

    The image names will need to point to your new images for your second gallery, keeping them the same will only display the first gallery images.

  • Hi Neil

    Thank you for your help, I will try and fix it.

  • I've just tested and in addition to updating the image locations, you'll also have to change some other sections when using more than 1 gallery on a single page:

    Double click the HTML Code Fragment for the new gallery and update this sections to read zoom_02 and gallery_02 for the respective sections:

    gallery: 'gallery_02',

    Then update the body code (in the same window) to match the new ids:

    <img id="zoom_02" src="image-zoom/small/01.jpg" data-zoom-image="image-zoom/large/01.jpg"/>

    <div id="gallery_02">
    <a href="#" data-image="image-zoom/small/01.jpg" data-zoom-image="image-zoom/large/01.jpg"><img id="zoom_02" src="image-zoom/thumb/01.jpg" /></a>
    <a href="#" data-image="image-zoom/small/02.jpg" data-zoom-image="image-zoom/large/02.jpg"><img id="zoom_02" src="image-zoom/thumb/02.jpg" /></a>
    <a href="#" data-image="image-zoom/small/03.jpg" data-zoom-image="image-zoom/large/03.jpg"><img id="zoom_02" src="image-zoom/thumb/03.jpg" /></a>
    <a href="#" data-image="image-zoom/small/04.jpg" data-zoom-image="image-zoom/large/04.jpg"><img id="zoom_02" src="image-zoom/thumb/04.jpg" /></a>

    Hope that helps
  • Great, I managed to get it to work, thank you very much for the information

  • You're welcome, Charis! :)

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