Pro Template Collection 2
  • Hi, I purchased the Pro Collection 2 package but I was wondering where I get the instructions for each of the individual templates, thanks.
  • Hi Mike,

    Thanks for buying.

    There aren't actually any instructions that come with the templates as they all use features that are available with WebPlus, so they're relatively simple to use.

    If you're having any problems with any aspect of the set-up then please feel free to post here and we'll do our best to help you out :)

  • Hi Neil,
    Thanks for getting back, I was just wanting to know what size is the blurred out picture on the home page of The Handyman site? and how you get it to only show as a strip across the page top rather than fit the whole page, also did you put the blur in the photo or was it something you did within WebPlus? One other thing where do I find so that I can delete photo's etc via the site manager tab, sorry for all the questions but its been quite a few years since I used WebPlus so have forgotten a lot of it.
  • Hi Mike,

    No need to access to File Manager to change any of the photos, they're all changed either on-page or through the page background settings.

    The blurred background was edited in to make it blurred using photo editing software. It's 1920 x 500px

    To replace the blurred background image click on Master Page A > Rightclick > Page Properties > Background > replace nadyman_bg1.jpg

    Hope that helps.
  • Hi Neil, thanks for that I did change it that way but for some reason I thought the proper way was through the file manager, one other question on the projects page I can't remember how to add more pictures to the slider, I think there is 3 at the moment but I need it to be about 6 just to show a before and after of a particular project, but thank you again for getting back so quick.
  • As it's just a standard slider, this video should help guide you, it might be a little bit different in X8 but shouldn't be far off... The trick is to look at the sliders 'Panels' tab and from there you can add more panels ;) :

    Please bear in mind this forum is to help support our addons and some templates and we're unable to help assist with standard features of WebPlus. The Community forum can be a good resource in those instances :)

  • Thank's very much Neil.
  • No worries :)

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