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  • Hi Neil, hi Mick,

    I was hoping you'd be able to point out where I'm going wrong with the Page Flip add-on for WebPlus X8. On the demo page for the add-on at the arrow button to go 'right' in the publication is on the right hand side of the central 'fold', and when the page is turned the arrow button to go back 'left' is on the left. When I have tried to put a test of this on my site (see test page, here: ), the buttons are reversed, and the button to flip the page on the right over is on the left and the same with the other button - it's the wrong way round.

    Any help that you might be able to offer to get my example working like the demo on your site would be much appreciated!

    Best wishes,

  • Hi Rob,

    I think its down to the fact you have resized the default width size of the page flip from 960 to 800 so the buttons have moved, although no dimensions are given in the help PDF file for this part of the addon, due to multiple different change instances by the end user so impossible to give out correct dimensions, it does say inside the HTML frag box (double click the addon frag box to see this) about changing where the buttons show if you resize the page flip from its default status. Below is what is written in the HTML frag box code

    .booklet .b-arrow-next {right:385px;} /* If changing the width of the page flip relocate the button location here */
    .booklet .b-arrow-prev {left:423px;} /* If changing the width of the page flip relocate the button location here */

    Therefore, you will have to change the 385px and 423px values until you get the buttons where you need them, so its a change/preview scenario I'm afraid and a trial and error process

    Hope this helps a little more.

    *Note* As a starting point, try setting right 300px and left 330px ;-) - Let us know how you get on
  • Thanks for your comprehensive reply, Mick. I will have a go at changing the values and see how get on.

    Much appreciated!

  • No worries, my pleasure ;-)
  • Hello again Mick - the values you suggested worked like a charm: many thanks!
  • Excellent and thanks for the update
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