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  • Hi
    Just playing with the colours of the fly out menu
    and changed to white, the panel at the top that shows the category remains grey, which I can live with.
    But the text is white which you can't see, how would you change this?
  • Hi Peter,

    Your best option is to publish to disk rather than publish to web so you can then access the css file that controls all the colours within the mobile menu (mobile-menu-styles.css)

    You then just take snippets of code out of the css file and add it to the html frag box of the addon so you can easily access it for future colour editing etc.

    Below is the default addon frag code (apart from changing the background to white) with a snippet of code I have extracted for you that should change the grey box text from white to a darker grey so that it can be easily seen, feel free to add more once you've viewed the css file and know what you need.

    .mm-menu {background: #ffffff;} /* Menu background colour */
    .mm-list {font-family: "Arial", Helvetica, sans-serif; /* Menu font family */
    font-size: 14px; /* Menu font size */
    color: #888888;} /* Menu font colour */
    .mm-menu .mm-list > li > {
    background: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.1);
    color: rgba(136, 136, 136, 0.9); }

    Hope this helps a little more
  • Thanks Mick that works well, much appreciated.
  • He's a star! :)
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