shutter effect on mobile device
  • Hi Neil, not a critical issue but was hoping to use shutter effect for staff pix on a mobile site. Everything looks/runs beautiful when I export site to file and view in my desktop browser.

    When I view on my iphone after upload to server, the slides change is OK but there is no shutter effect transition.
    Have you run into this before?

    Thanx for any help.
    PS: really happy with the universal/photoswipe, mobile menu, nivo slider, hover, and swipebox addons on my mobile site.
    (sure wish you'd pickup webplus :)
  • Hi nowzen,

    The shutter effect works perfectly when previewing the demo via my Samsung Galaxy S8 smart phone - - So it could either be an issue with code conflicts within your site html or the effect doesn't work with some brands of other mobile devices.

    Hope this helps
  • Hi guys,

    Just checked on my iPhone and it seems the shutter effect isn't working in the Safari browser, not sure there's anything that can be done about it as it seems there's an array in the JavaScript that might not be supported by iOS. Sorry I can't really help with this but at least the gallery is moving between the images so all's not lost.

  • Thanx guys.
    Bloody safari :)
    Thanx for looking at it - yes I'll just have to go as is.
  • No worries ;-)
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