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  • HI Neil & Mick
    Im sure that this is simple, but I cant work it out
    Ive got the player to work, fine, but the actual video image is much smaller than the player itself
    and so has a large black border around it?
    Videos are made in Movie Maker 6
    How do I change this so that the video is more or less the size of the player?

  • Maybe the output of the video from your software is creating what they call the letterbox format and would be tied to a certain aspect ratio but I'm not too well up on video stuff to be honest and the only thing I could suggest would be to oversize the video output, try an aspect ratio of 16:9 which should then fit into a smaller resized player window without the borders.

    Neil may have a better suggestion and I would imagine be about sometime tomorrow (Wednesday)

    Sorry I can't help much than this at present

    EDITED: This link may help you further Peter -!topic/youtube/4OFWK8xm8og - click on the "epontius said" link to expand his explanation for black borders ;-)
  • Hi Mick
    Thanks for that, sort of works.
    I don't really know where you put the code exactly, or doesn't that really matter where in the existing code it goes.
    A thought how about changing the colour of the border to my page colour, but I can't see any code to change, doesn't seem to be any colour code in the snippet.
    Where would that code be?

  • Hi Peter,

    The code given in epontius's google forum reply would only work if added to a youtube video link and wouldn't work by trying to add the code to the video player addon itself.

    The only other thing you could try to do with regards to code/css edits for the player and colour changes, is to publish to disk and then explore the video-player-style.css file.

    I did an experiment here by looking at that css file and took some code out of it and added it to the HTML frag code of the player just to change the back ground colour of the player from black to red, the code added then looks like this

    <script type="text/javascript">
    $(document).ready(function() {
    projekktor('#player1', {
    volume: 0.7,
    loop: false,
    autoplay: false,
    playerFlashMP4: 'jarisplayer.swf'
    .ppdisplay {
    background-color: #ff0000;}

    Notice the extra code added to the original code and sits in between the opening and closing tags of STYLE

    I'm not sure if this would work or not because I'd say the black borders are created by your video editing software so wont be changed via css code added to the player. As previously mentioned, I think your problem is down to aspect ratio settings when you create the video output.

    Not sure I can give you much more advice than this but hope it helps a little more.
  • Thanks for this Mick
    I think you're right the initial aspect ratio is important!
    I'll have an investigation.
  • Hi
    Just starting to use this addon now
    But I dont seem to have any control over the volume?
    I have set it at 0.2, to no effect, can you shed any light on this
    The site is, from the main nav bar videos, Merlin shows the problem, in fact they all do
  • Hi Peter,

    I notice your other video has the volume set like this:

    volume: 0.,

    You need to set that to 0.2 as well as I would think that will cause the error you're experiencing.

    Let us know how that goes.
  • Hi Neil
    I've removed all other players from the site and left the Merlin one on the video page.
    Doesn't seem to make a difference.
    If I have the same video on 2 different pages would that make a difference?
    For this issue there's only one !
  • Struggling myself Peter to have any control with regards to volume control via code edit, I'll keep digging to see if I can find anything but Neil may well reply with an answer before I publish my diagnosis, sorry I have no answer at this time.
  • Same here, I can't see anything that's wrong with the code that would prevent the volume from working correctly, so it might be a hosting/server issue.

    What happens if you add the a fresh install of the addon to a new blank page, that might be able to rule out a few things. Alternatively, X8 does come with a video player option built in, so although not ideal you might be able to use that as an alternative.

  • Hi
    Thanks for looking, wonder if it makes any difference if I put the files on the server?
    Just tried it with WP default player and that has sound control!?
    Got another post on the mobile menu!

  • I still couldn't get it to work with a new blank page and uploaded to the server so if you've managed to get the X8 version to work, personally I'd stick with that.

    I've also answered your mobile question thread with regards to text colour changes.

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