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    Can anyone give a definitive answer re cookie widgets for GDPR regs. ie on some sites we are told that a simple 'I accept' button will not suffice and it must give the viewer options to opt out of certain cookies. If this is not the case does the cookie widget here comply? Thanks in advance
  • You would need to source correct information from a GDPR site so you know exactly what you can and can't use as a cookie compliant widget, we can only support ISSUES here with regards to any of the add-ons themselves and are not knowledgeable enough on the new laws implemented.

    Our cookie widget only has the option of excepting the site uses cookies and doesn't have an opt out option.

    Sorry we can't advise much more than this but hope it helps a little more.
  • Many thanks
  • ;No worries ;-)
  • The Cookie Consent addon should be suffice. It's really just a case of updating your privacy policy to include a section with details of how customers or site visitors can contact you to have the information you may have about them removed if they so wish.

    Take a look at the they still only use a basic cookie consent plugin to manage things.

    Also see this video, it clarifies things a little more (sorry I only have a Facebook link to the video):

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