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  • so its this old chestnut.
    I had been using this for ages after setting it up initially about 2 years ago however....
    I took the website down for about 8 months and wiped the server clean..

    having uploaded the website again from the exact copy i backed up, pop up and cookie arent working.
    pop up message is the most important.

    i have created a folder called contacts in the htdocs with it called contact, inside is the php file called contact.php.

    sill no joy.

    with fasthosts, php7 is enabled.

    using webplus x8

    is there any other files need uploading to ftp something like a jquery ? i remember i had to do that for one of the add-ons.

    regards phill
  • www.combi.clinic
  • Hi Phill,

    I'm getting a 404 error here when trying to find the modal js file


    So I would certainly check ALL files to do with ANY addon you have added, has been uploaded to the hosting server and also in the right path on the server, the above js file is certainly not on the server or its in the wrong place (should be in the root of the server where all your other html files are)

    Hope this helps
  • hi thanks

    have just had a look at the files is in the ht docs folder

    JavaScript file
    size - 22809

    its definitely there
    what path should it be in
  • I can email you my ftp details if you want to login and have a look....
  • its got me beat, tried for days
  • Phill,

    Its not called jquerysimplemodal.js the file name is jquery.simplemodal.js and if you try and find the file by where it should be (using the implemented code you have) and via the default name of the file, you will get what I get and that's a 404 error (page or file not found)


    Above is where it should be

    Check both the root of your server and also the actual file name of the file

    Code and file names HAVE TO MATCH or nothing works

    Feel free to email your server details on the following address (link below is an image and not a live hyperlink for spam reasons)


    Hope this helps
  • have sent an email mick, ta muchas
  • Nothing here so far with regards to emails
  • ahh my mistake, it should be now, !!
  • Received and sent back
  • great thanks so much, seems webplus is doing a few weird things, it also did the same with cookie consent, and at one point added contact/… before the jsqueery…

    all good now though im so appreciative
  • I would never have fathomed that in a million years
  • My pleasure Phill ;-)
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