Popup Contact Form - Color Change
  • I have gone in as explained in the pdf file and changed color of the box (when placed on my website in serif) but it still keeps showing the box still as blue and now the color # C36969 I changed it to shows up on the web site next to the side of the box, but hasn't changed any color from the original box it is still blue.
    So , I see the box still blue with this also now typed (#C36969) beside the box showing on the site when I do a review inside the browser?
  • There is no code to control the colour of the button via a change to a hex value because the blue is just a quick shape that sits inside a panel, to change from blue, simply choose the objects tab on the right hand side of the work window and click on any + signs to expand the panel, when you will then see a Quick Rectangle which will show a blue line, highlight this object then click a different colour on the Swatches tab menu above.

    The hex value changes via code only controls the background, border and text values, not the blue button colour.

    Hope this helps

    BTW: It does tell you about the quick shape option within the help PDF file that accompanies the popup contact form add-on.
  • Another Question before I go and do what you suggested and I missed about the color of the box and may have also missed this?? Is there a way to make the Contact form stationary instead of scrolling with the page?
  • You need to edit the panel itself holding all the content, again, access the panel via the objects tab and right click the panel and choose "Edit Panel" if you then take out the tick in the box that says "Align panel to browser window" you can place the panel anywhere on the page you would like it to show from and it will also make it static and will then not stay visible when scrolling.

    It depends on what version of Webplus you are using that will determine which tab to choose from the right click/edit panel option so you will have to try all the tabs until you find the option to disable the align to panel.

    It is ALWAYS a good idea to include the version of Webplus you are using in all your posts for assistance, that way we can give you direct & specific instructions.

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks Mick, I finally got it all figured out, just more steps than I figured it would be. Using 8.
    Thanks again.
  • My pleasure ;-)
  • One more Question please☺
    I have made the contact the way I wanted it and wondering if I copy then past into another page will it work correctly or do I have to make each one new (color etc.) plus all the information? Also at the bottom part of the pages where is the same on all pages in the site?
  • If you want the contact button on all pages, simply add it to a master page which is associated to all the pages in your site you want the button to show.

    What you can't do is add multiple instances of the same button, so a master page is the only way you can show it on more than one page.

    Hope this helps
  • Thank You again for all your help.
  • No worries, that's what we are here for ;-)
  • I got it working on the index page, but it didn't show any thing to click on but the hand popped up when the cursor went over it so I could then click on and the form popped up. So I then send myself an email using the form, but the visable spot where the place to click on but wasn't there turned into this (to see go here- http://www.thingsabuzz.com/index.html - on bottom right of page) If you go to this page (http://www.thingsabuzz.com/picture_frames.html)you can see what the graphic to click on the form is suppose to look like. Though it still doesn't work at the page because I have only changed the index page to see if I had the form correctly done there to check if it worked, but somehow it works but messes up without having a graphic to click on and leaving weird stuff behind on the page after . I also closed the site and went back and it still looks the same as when I left then came back???? Can you tell what I am doing wrong?
    Thanks, Dene
  • Dene,

    I'm not sure what your problem is, maybe something to do with the panel holding your new quick shape and colour edits you have made are sitting outside of the panels bounding area. The only thing I can suggest is you go back to the normal default addon, configure it for an email account you have access to and upload it as a test site, if the form then works and sends you an email, you just need to make simply edits to the panel for colour and text adjustments and it should then still work.

    Sorry I can't give you more help other than the above but hope it helps
  • I agree with Mick, try that and see how you get on :)

  • Still trying to figure this out?? Question Please:

    In Asset Browser under Pack Files in the
    Popup-Contact-Form File I have 2 more files under this which are:
    File # 1 says: Popup-Contact-Form-X6-v1.0
    File # 2 says: Contact-Form X7+X8-v1.0

    When I look inside:
    File #1 has a red box that Says "POPUP CONTACT FORM" and above the red box at the top it says >Popup-Contact-Form-x6-v1.0

    File #2 When I look inside has nothing there??
    Question being should it have the Popup-Contact-Form-X8=X-v1.0 wpack .....Inside this file?
    ???? If so when I have tried to upload the "Popup-Contact-Form-X8=X-v1.0 wpack" to WebPlus X8 as directed it won't let me, so I can only assume Webplus somehow only let the X6 version be uploaded.

    If this is why my form I purchased is not working after all the times I keep trying to get it to?? What do I need to do to get the Form X8 up into the program because the X6 won't work for me???
  • Hi Dene,

    The reason the X7/X8 version does not show like the X6 version is because Serif changed some of their Webplus code within the program itself and edits to assets files will not let you incorporate your own text/logo like it does in the X6 version, however, the X7/X8 version works exactly the same as it does with the X6 version and you simply have to LOAD the addon via the OPEN button on the asset tab (Not the BROWSE button)

    You then locate the correct wpack file for the addon (Webplus version dependent) the add-on will then sit on the Page Content tab and will probably look like a small transparent rectangle shaped box with a very faint outline, you then simply drag it off this page and onto your own page for it to work correctly.

    You will also need to follow the instructions carefully in the given PDF file which will require edits made to the contact.php file to represent your own email address and this file must also sit in its own folder called contact or it will not work, also note as mentioned in the help file, once added to the page and the php file edited, it MUST be uploaded to the server as it will not work in a local preview mode via Webplus and your browser.

    These forms DO WORK if configured correctly or the forum would just be bombarded with every user who has purchased this add-on saying it doesn't work.

    Hope this helps a little more
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