Pop-Up Contact Form
  • Hi - the other day I bought the Pop-Up Contact Form and I have installed it on my web site.

    I have tested it from my own computer with Chrome, Firefox, Edge and IE.

    All seem to work fine.

    My wife has tested it with Firefox - again worked fine.

    However, when my son uses it (Firefox) I don't get a message/email.

    He has done it about 6 times without any luck.

    Could his Firewall/Antivirus be stopping it?

    Any suggestions why it works with some and not others welcome.

  • Hi,

    There shouldn't be an issue with a firewall that prevents the form from submitting.

    Can you provide a link to the page in question so we can take a look?

  • I can't see any issues here Andy with the form on the link provided and can only be down to an issue with the users browser
  • Thank you Mick

    all the Best

  • My pleasure Andy ;-)
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