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  • Hi all, I'm looking for a way of having a 'proper' slideshow on the mobile version of my website. At present I'm using a lightbox but that doesn't look good at all. Basically I'm after a way for customers to start a full screen slideshow and/or flip through the galleries.

    My mobile website is (note it will redirect you to the full website if you access from a desktop browser). The photo gallery page is where i have the problem.

    Have had a look at the addons here and it looks promising - image slider looks like it might be the answer, at least for just swiping through the photos?

    Any confirmation or tips before I purchase would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Juma
  • Hi Juma,

    The only one I would recommend for a mobile device would be the SwipeBox addon

    Link Here -

    Demo Here -

    Hope this helps
  • Thanks Mick, looks promising. Can a customer flip through by touching the photo or does it have to be the arrows at the bottom?

    Cheers, Juma
  • Bought the pack :-) Will try it out tomorrow along with a few of the other add ons

    Thanks, Juma
  • They can swipe through using the images or the arrows on a mobile device

    Thanks for the pack purchase and should you need help with any of the addons, we are only a post away, enjoy ;-)
  • I tried an number of sliders and found 2 that I especially like.
    The slider that comes with the universal template works great.
    I use it full width at 320 px and removed the bullets at the bottom for a nice clean look.
    It will run automatically, or the user can swipe back and forth.
    If you want to use use it multiple times on the same page, just change the ID

    The NIVO slider also works very well on mobile, but it runs as programmed, no swiping.
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