Excell Parallax Template
  • Webplus X7 - Windows 10
    this is very difficult to explain ... I'm hoping this might be exchievable.
    If the first parallax image was 1,000 px deep; and the text box element over it was 2000 px deep. Is there a way to keep the parallax image static (not scroll) until the last part of the 2000 px text element appears over it?

    In short the image does not move until all the desired text has scrolled over it.
    It would then pass to the next parallax image and text ...

    hope this makes sense ...

  • Wrong forum Geoff for template assistance, you need to be here - http://seriftemplates.com/forum

    We can only support add-ons via this forum

    But in short, the answer to your question is "no" because of how parallax sites & pages work

    Hope this helps
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