featured list and html video player
  • i purchased these two items and loaded to website. I am in the process of making videos for departments we rent out but have got a sample one loaded. The featured list is put above the video player on site. Ive changed the wording in featured list and put play video.
    Im just battling to figure out how I can make all three videos play in same video player below when clicked on play button.
    Here is the link to page.
  • Hi keving,

    There's a answer to this: It's simply not possible. The video player is a single video player so cannot load multiple videos.

    An alternative would be to place 3 video players in panels and have a button open up each of the panels but in all honesty, from a user standpoint you'd be better off simply placing all the videos on the page in a line so that the user can easily play each video if they want to.

    Sometimes it's better to keep things simple, and in this instance I think you'd be doing your visitors a favour and making things more accessible for them.

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