Excell Parallax Template Image Lightbox
  • Evening, i have recently bought and downloaded the Excell Parallax temp (great template if i may add) and working with X7.
    Regarding, the feature that loads the image light box when clicking on the magnifying glass. The feature only allows me to links to a single image, once the light box loads i can then click to the other images that are loaded in the wpimage folder. Rather than linking to a single image in the wpimage folder, i want to be able to create a link that loads a specific image category file with in the the wpimage folder and that only shows the images in the light box from the specified folder.

    I look forward to hearing from you

  • Hi Chris,

    Questions of this nature need to be posted over on the template support forum as we can only support addons in this forum, just make sure when you are over there, you choose the correct template gallery from the drop down menu when you post ;-)


    Hope this helps

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