Slider not working on Ipad
  • Hi

    I have built a website (deleted) using web plus X8 for my holiday cottage and posted it using Serif web hosting, on my lap it looks great and I feel really proud what I have achieved as a first attempt.

    On two of the pages I have put a photo slider and once again they work great, unfortunately I cannot and presume others cant view the photo's on an Ipad.

    Any ideas how to put this right?
  • Hi Max_ell,

    The link you have given is an email address, you will need to post the actual URL address of the site so we have something to see and then we can check both the site and source code and hopefully give you some kind of solution. You may also want to delete the address in your post to avoid spam bots roaming the forum and then adding the email address as a place to send spam to your inbox.

    By the way, unless the slider you are referring to is anything other than the one provided by our addon site - - then we cannot help you any further as we can only support the addons we provide and do not support webplus itself with anything else you add, if this is the case, please post your questions over on the C+ forum by Serif -

    Hope this helps
  • Mick Hi

    Sorry I made a mistake the link is not a usable email address so no problems with Spam

    the url address is

    hopefully this will work
  • You probably mean the URL of Kevin and not the one you posted of (404 error, page/site not found)

    I've had a look at the site and your problem has nothing to do with anything SerifAddon related and you should have posted this on the Serif Community Forum - - As explained in my earlier post.

    The issue you have with mobiles and IPads is the fact the sliders (created by Webplus and not our slider addon) is that they are FLASH based sliders and Mobiles/Tablets do not support flash, therefore you need to change them to a JavaScript gallery and stay clear of Flash objects.

    Please in future, do not use this forum for Webplus questions, we only support our addons only here, hope this helps.
  • okay thanks, just part of the learning curve
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