Webplus remote file error
  • Dear Neil,
    I was referred to you by the technical assistance team from serif.
    I recently bought the parallax template and redesigned a website using the template.
    Am able to upload other updates for other websites but on a different template.

    My urgent consern is an error that comes while am trying to update a website ie file opening remote error .php writing (open request failed).
    Urgently assist so that I can uplooad the website,its now offline.

    I have checked on all the ftp settings but nothing seems to work.
  • Hi Borothi, (not Neil here)

    Firstly, this forum is only a support portal for the add-ons we provide here and has nothing to do with template issues which should be posted on our sister site of http://seriftemplates.com/forum

    Secondly, to save you posting on the above link provided, the Parallax template does not have any kind of PHP files within the template default download so it must have something to do with what you have added yourself to the template, therefore, the problem isn't template related and is more of a hosting server issue that may or may not be blocking any PHP file uploads.

    You need to contact your hosting provider and ask them why php files are being blocked when trying to upload.

    Any webplus software issue should be posted on the Serif support website - https://community.serif.com as we can only support add-on issues here and template issues on our sister site.

    Hope this helps a little more and one other piece of advise we can give you is if Webplus is still refusing to upload but your hosting provider tells you the server is fine with no blocks in place, try publishing the template to disk and not publish to the web, then use a third party FTP program such as FileZilla (Its free) and try uploading again from a locally created published folder and by-pass the Webplus uploader which sometimes has issues if the manifest file on the server gets corrupted.

    Deleting the entire contents of the server and doing a full upload as opposed to an incremental one also normally sorts the problem out, also toggle the passive mode on or off in the FTP manager of Webplus also has some effect when upload problems appear.

    That is about the best information we can give you I'm afraid as its most definitely a sever or software issue rather than the actual template itself.
  • Thank you,noted on the comments.
    Sorry it was not a php error rather than HTML.
    I will try to work as it as adviced,hoping the error won't appear again.
  • Our pleasure ;-)
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