Is it possible to have full width content visible above a background gallery?
  • Hi there,

    I'm creating this website ( which has a background gallery, but preferably it would be nice to have a full width rectangle (the green bit) on top.. but to get it full width you either have to make a panel which gets stuck to the bottom, which isn't what I want... otherwise you go to page properties and do it that way.. but when I do that, it vanishes as the background gallery is at the header part of the code.. I tried adding a minus z index to it without success.. I don't suppose there's a way round it? If not, I can always use the full width slider, it's just sometimes a bit hard to photoshop certain pictures at 1920 pix wide!

  • Hi Esther,

    Upload your wpp file to the dropbox link below making sure that all your content is embedded rather than linked, this makes sure there is nothing missing from your file when you send it, I'll take a look at it and see whether or not what you are asking can be done

    To embed all your content, open the wpp file, use the resource manager, put a tick in the top left box to highlight all your pages and then at the foot of the placement heading, regardless of its default setting, select the drop down arrow and choose embedded, then save out your file to a new name so you don't overwrite your original

    Hope this helps
  • Sure, I've just sent it. Thanks!
  • Unfortunately Esther, I've tried various pieces of code here and I'm unable to bring the full width footer above the vegas gallery option therefore, the fullwidth slider may well be your next best course of action.

    Sorry about that but hope it helps somewhat
  • Sure, that's fine - I'll manage!
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