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  • Neil,

    I'm trying to copy the "Back To Top" button from the Hike template to place it in another Serif WPX8 site, but I can't for the life of me figure out where it's hiding. Sorry to have to ask, but can you or Mick give me some help with this.

  • Hi Frank,

    Unfortunately, although this should have been posted over on our template support forum, we cannot help directly via the forum for elements from one site to another as explained in our sticky thread over on the template forum and in the section name "Please Note"

    What I can say however is if you use the back to top add-on provided here and please don't take this as a ploy to encourage you to purchase but it will save you loads of time and effort using this particular asset file as it will just be a simple task of dragging the asset on to the page to configure a back to top button and no code (html or css or js) would be needed to get it to work correctly, unlike the extra code needed from within the Hike template.

    Hope this helps a little more ;-)
  • Thanks Mick...just bought it.

  • My pleasure Frank ;-)
  • I got the Back to Top addon working until I put the single mp3 player on the page. Would the no conflict code fix this? If so, can you provide instructions? I was thinking that WPX8 no longer required this extra code. Am I mistaken?

    Thanks in adavance.

  • Hi Frank,

    I've just created a single page here in WPX8 at 3000px high, added both the back to top button and also the single mp3 player and both work without issue.

    Maybe there is something else on your page using jquery that is causing the problem, maybe a link to the page/site will help so we can check your source code but I don't see any issues here with Webplus X8 and the 2 add-ons working together.
  • Thanks Mick.
    You and Neil have looked at an older version of this page and I'll warn you it has a ton of stuff going on. If you can I'd appreciate a quick look at it. Caution, it has a song that starts automatically.

  • Hi Frank,

    It's probably the background gallery addon that's causing the issue.

    Replace these lines of code in the addon:

    jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
    $.vegas('slideshow', {

    For this:

    $(document).ready(function() {
    $.vegas('slideshow', {

    Let us know how that goes.
  • Thanks Neil, I'll give it a go.

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