Urban Dark player
  • how can I put multiple player video onto the same page?
    when I copy and past the HTML, defining the new m4v video, it plays the first video again?
  • Geoff,

    Firstly, your topic title has no reference to any of our add-ons "Urban Dark Player" ???

    If you are referring to the single video player - http://serifaddons.com/html5-video-player.html - there should be no reason why you shouldn't be able to add more than one instance of the video player and providing you have edited the code to point to another video and image name, it should work and after testing here, 2 instances "will" run on the same page, the only issue you may come across is the size of the 2nd instance you add and this maybe down to the fact the HTML frag is using the same ID reference as the first.

    Therefore, going into the 2nd frag and changing 2 instances of player1 to then read player2 should sort the issue out so your code references should look like this once edited

    <video id="player2" class="projekktor"


    projekktor('#player2', {

    Hope this helps and please try and keep topic titles related to the actual add-on you are using, to save on any confusion.

    If your problem is "Template" related and you are in fact referring to a player pre-installed within the Urban Template, then your question needs to be posted in the correct forum as we only support Add-Ons here


    Again, hope this helps
  • I think Geoff is referring to the Urban template and in that case this should help: http://seriftemplates.com/forum/topic/multiple-jplayers-on-same-page#post-4796

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