Background images and Icons for the HIKE template - About Page and Home Page
  • Dear Forum,

    I have just purchase the HIKE template from Addons and wonder if there is anyone who can help with the background images on the About Page and the 3 icons on the Home page. On the About page I wish to remove the keyboard image at the top, which takes up about a fifth of the page, and replace it with another image more relevant to our business. On the Home page I like the 3 default icons, however, are there any others that come with the serif package that could be used instead. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards, Richard.
  • Richard, you haven't purchased the Hike template from addons because we only supply addons here and not templates, you need to post your question over on the template support forum and choose the correct template category and add the version of Webplus you are using.

    We only support addon problems on this forum
  • ok, question, do you do stock exchange type right to left figure rolling addons? like the ones you see on stock exchanges?
  • Hi Richard,

    I'm not sure I know what you mean "stock exchange type right to left figure rolling addons" can you provide an example?

    All the addons we have are the one shown on our collection page:

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