Hike template: video in front everything (not behind)
  • Hi!
    Hike Template use a video in homepage. Since last serif update the video appears in front of others backgrounds. Only other elements (images,text...but not backgrounds) appear in front of video.This does not happen in my web or in my sites, if I open the hike template directly and play preview mode this also happens, and this did not happen before.
    Position in z index in HTML Code Fragment at the top of the homepage is -1, so it´s ok.
    Can anyone tell me why the reason and how to fix it ?
  • Hi misterclay,

    Thanks for buying :)

    You're actually posting in the wrong forum, this is the place for asking support for our addons. But not a problem, your issue has already been addressed and the method for fixing it can be found here: http://seriftemplates.com/forum/topic/hike-update-for-serif-webplus-x8-160432

    Hope that helps
  • Thanks Neil!! :)
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