How to adjust website size to match on any display of any pc monitor?
  • Dear Serif Team,

    when I start making a new website with serif I need to decide the dimensions of height and width in pixel.
    But I realized that whereever I look up my website, obviously it shows exactly those sizes I have fixed in the beginning, even if I am using a great large monitor, it does not adjust itsself to that monitor size.
    So, on large monitors it is for example 1200x900 and on small monitors also 1200x900 and I need even to scroll from left to right to be able to read everything.

    Now the question of the year ;-)

    How can I adjust within my website preferences this issue, so that at the end it adjusts its size to any monitor size I am looking at.
    I am really really really curious to know that :-)

    Thank you in advance!

  • Hi Shakila,

    In a nut shell and basic terms "You Can't" because Webplus doesn't support responsive web designs due to how the program uses absolute positioning for its code.

    Also, this forum only supports the add-ons we provide and not Webplus itself, so for all other Webplus questions, they need to be asked over on the correct forum, link provided below for you.

    Hope this helps
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