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  • Good morning. I have recently purchased a new laptop running win10 64bit I have reinstalled webplusX8 but I am having a problem
    re-installing Neil's template DVD. The installation wants to install to program files (x86) Serif/Webplus/content. I do not have anything for webplus in this directory, all my webplus files are in program files. Can somebody please let me know in which directory to point to so as to install the templates. Thank you Vicki
  • Hi Vicki,

    You would need to ask this question over at because although Neil may have made the add-ons themselves and we "Do" support any issues with them on this forum, however, because Serif themselves make the actual DVD installer, they will be able to help you much better than we can.

    Failing to get a response via the community forum, your next best option is to send Serif a support ticket directly using this link -

    Make sure when you send them your support ticket you include all the necessary information, operating system, webplus version including patch number, latest for X8 is and I'm sure you'll get the answers you are looking for.

    I've also deleted your duplicate post, hope this helps ;-)
  • Ok Mick I will try that thank you. Vicki
  • No worries ;-)
  • Now resolved. Thank you.
  • My pleasure Vicki, glad you are now sorted ;-)
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