I badly need to have this plugin on my WP site
  • Hi Serifaddons team,

    I am in very need of this Sticky panel/banner on sidebar, DEMO here http://bigspotteddog.github.io/ScrollToFixed/

    Plugin itself here https://github.com/bigspotteddog/ScrollToFixed

    Do you guys provide such service? implementing an external plugin within Webplus for people?

    I tried to contact you for WP customization paid-service, via seriftemplates website, as in here there is no Contact form.

  • Hi topdog,

    It certainly is a doer, I've seen it before and think I might even have it book marked. I'm pretty busy with a number of other projects at the moment so don't expect it soon, but it might arrive in the near future ;) Sadly due to the other commitments I couldn't offer its production as a paid service.

  • Hi Neil,

    This is encouraging to hear, thank you.

    By any chance, can you approx tell when you'll start working on it? did you mean maybe in months?

    My site is all ready and because of this Sticky banner, I am yet to publish it.
  • Hi,

    I'd rather say it'll be done at some point in the future than get your hopes up. I might get time to look at it next week so we'll see :)

  • Appreciate it :)

    Just a note, All i need is a sticky clickable banner on the side bar, which is dynamic,. goes up and down while scrolling until a certain point from both top and footer.

    We already tried it on WP forum here https://community.serif.com/forum/58496/an-issues-with-my-sticky-banner-panel#answer209094

    But it still is faulty.

    Thank you and good luck!
  • Hi Guys,

    I'm off myself on Friday (Rest day from work) so I may get time to look at this further rather than putting more pressure on Neil due to other commitments.

    Also after downloading some of the wpp files from the community links you've provided, one statement you mention is that when you add the stat counter, the sticky banner doesn't work, actually tested here and it works in all my browsers (IE, FF and Chrome) but one problem I've found is the actual src link to your personal stat counter comes back with project not found. So I would make sure you are using the correct code to locate your own personal stat counter because I cant see anything wrong with what the user on that forum has already given you.

    Hope this helps
  • Hello Mick,

    Yes, it works but it is faulty. If you scroll up and down and then refresh the page and at the same time scroll up, the the banner will move out from its location and stick to the top.

    an screenshot for faulty issue http://prntscr.com/941rll (Banner should've been within the rectangle, but after refreshing, it goes out of control)

    I can't risk using it, what if visitors refresh the page, then the site will look ugly, as the banner will go all over.

  • The thing with Statcounter, is I changed the link myself. Not only with statcounter, if I add other codes such as Google Analytic code, or even add jquery menus, then the banner won't work properly.

    The issue is tricky.
  • You will find that by adding third party code, especially something that will use a jquery.js reference, will always create issues with a site built with Webplus when you are using Webplus's versions of sliders and panels etc, this is because you get cross references with jquery calls and because the one written by Webplus gets hard coded and can't be deleted or edited, you need to remove any jquery.js reference in your code for the third party addition and then hope the one provided by Webplus takes over all functionality of jquery.

    That's about the best help I can give you at this time with being away from my normal work box.

  • I love Webplus, but there are certain glitches like the above you mentioned that makes me sad.

    So do you think even the plugin I posted above, won't be compatible with Webplus?
  • I've played around with it for a few hours last week and due to how Webplus uses absolute positioning for its code, I couldn't get it work to its maximum potential and therefore abandoned the idea.

    You may want to post this plugin request again over at https://community.serif.com where some of the more advanced html coders may or may not be able to help you further, we can only support the plugins we provide to be honest and don't really have the resources for anything outside of our add-ons.

    Hope this helps
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